I am thrilled to share my design and coding processes focused on the principles of user-centered design and diversity and inclusion.

I started this journey with the passion to bring about change in the design industry, which has long been dominated by single, narrow perspectives.

I felt that my own experiences as a minority were not being represented or heard, and I wanted to create a space where diverse voices and perspectives could come together over empathy-based frameworks to create truly impactful designs.

I believe that design has the power to shape our world and make it a more inclusive and equitable place.

That’s why I use innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies to help bring about positive change through my work.

My mission is to create experiences that are not just aesthetically beautiful, but also accessible and inclusive to all.

I am proud to be a minority-founder and am committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of my work.

I am dedicated to designing products that truly make a difference in people's lives.

At my core, I am a creative problem-solver who believes in the power of design to create positive change in the world.

Javed A.
Founder / Head of Design & Innovation

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